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Earlier this year I asked the question “why should someone with MS who lives in place B get a different service to someone who lives in place A?” and argued that variance, when it comes to the provision of healthcare services, is a euphemism for inequality, representing the ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’ in society. This was a prelude to our ‘Raising the Bar’ meeting in Birmingham. We have set an ambitious programme of work for the next three years and it is exciting to see the MS Academy who is organising the workstreams becoming de-facto the natural home in the UK for HCPs with a specialist interest in MS. 

The following are our Raising-the-Bar workstreams and the current leads:

  1. QUALITY AUDIT – Jeremy Hobart/Sue Thomas/MS Society/MS Trust ….
  2. BIG DATA – David Rog/Joela Mathews ….
  3. SOCIAL DETERMINANTS OF HEALTH – Helen Ford/Gavin Giovannoni …. 
  5. HOLISTIC MANAGEMENT OF MS – Agne Straukien/TBC ….

To make these workstreams happen we are launching a leadership programme to train the next generation of collaborative leaders in the MS Space to make these workstreams happen and realise our dream of a better deal for people living with MS in the UK. 

To navigate the landscape of MS service provision in the UK, effective leadership is essential. However, the skills required to become a leader capable of impactful change are suboptimally developed at a time when they are most needed. The MS Academy has recognised this critical training gap and launched a 6-month multifaceted leadership programme tailored to MS experts.

The goals of the leadership programme are to (1) identify and develop future leaders from the MS field who have little leadership experience, (2) develop and implement a mentoring program between participants and established leaders and (3) enhance skills of those who have already assumed or are about to assume leadership roles within their Institutions, the MS field, and, more broadly, the field of neurology.

The programme will be run by Prof Gabriele De Luca (Consultant Neurologist, Oxford) and Barbara Hoese (Pentecore Coaching, Minnesota). Gabriele is an alumnus of the AAN emerging leaders leadership programme and is passionate about the field himself and Barbara set-up and runs the AAN emerging leaders programme. 

So if you have what it takes to be a next-generation leader and want to apply for the leadership course give it a go. We need young motivated people to realise our dreams. The skills you learn will allow you to do and accomplish extraordinary things.

Please see the MS Academy website for more details.

One thought on “Potential leader?”

  1. >why should someone with MS who lives in place B get a different service to someone who lives in place A?”

    Because the biggest discrimination in the world is not based on race. Not skin color. Not gender. Not body weight.
    This biggest discrimination is based on the color of your passport.
    Feeling being discriminated by your sexual preference?
    Haha! Try to live with Russian passport instead.

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