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  1. I think you walk the talk more than most. It’s very, very clear that it’s your vocation. I read your anecdote about your experience with an MS patient earlier in your career and your compassion is so clear. I admire you. There. I said it.

    Keep doing what you’re doing!

  2. Speaking a 2nd language is very good for the brain I think. (Or learning one if you don’t have one already.)

    1. Agree I wish I could do it. I failed to be conversational in Slovene, but at least I can order two beers;-)

      1. If it’s like my lower body Pilates, even just trying is beneficial, so don’t give in! 😁

      2. I think Slovene will be a challenging language – the pronounciation? Interesting grammar with 6 cases though?

      3. It was. You forgot the dual (two). Rad bi pivo, Rad bi pivi Rad bi piva, Rad by piv (I (a male) want a beer, I want two beers, I want 3 or 4 beers I want five or more beers)….the verbs relating to doing or having done etc etc. The language is phonetic so it should be easy to pronounce but if you have a yorkshire accent and you speak to people, you look at their face and and sometimes no lights go on, becuase if it is not quite right, it is wrong. Try saying Ptuj (an old town, where there is no other place that sounds remotely similar) and you just get blank looks. Having said all this the Slovenes are lovely people.

      4. Hvala. (Thank you)

        In the paper it says P-too-ee, but that wouldn’t work, I had tried that numerous times as I know the letters, i just do not say the Pt correctly with the p as in pet (not five)-t as in tea. As for Ljubljana it is easy (for Brits pronounce the j as y). It is a very beautiful city, as it the whole country. The c with the hat is pronounced ch as is chocolate, incidently c is pronouse cz as in czar. Watch out for the osa.

  3. Prof G
    you say more than most when it comes to toeing the line, and for that I salute you.

    You talk a lot of sense.

    Ps when can I go an EBV trial? 😉 ?

  4. The actual America expression is, ‘you talk the talk but can you walk the walk?’

    The Brits have managed to mangle it.

    1. “The Brits” – perhaps you could think about refraining from such generalisations? That’s where xenophobia and racism stem from.

    2. Talk the talk…….walk the walk is how I’ve always understood the phrase too, speaking as a Brit.

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