Adios Mexico

A big thank you to my Mexican friends and hosts for such a wonderful experience at the annual meeting of the Mexican Academy of Neurology. Your hospitality and friendship were truly special, not to mention the food, tequila, weather and the Pacific ocean. As promised I have uploaded my presentations onto my SlideShare site for you to download and use.

Talk 1 – Case studies

Talk 2 – Treatment algorithms

Talk 3 – Maintenance/Escalation vs Immune Reconstitution Therapies

CoI: multiple

One thought on “Adios Mexico”

  1. I wondered why your name wasn’t on the European Charcot Foundation meeting. A no brainer: cold / wet Italy or sunny Mexico.

    And they wonder why it’s so difficult to get an appointment with a neuro! You need to have a word with the taxman as you must spend more than half the year away from the U.K.

    I hope you brought back one of those donkeys stuffed with sweets for Mouse Doctor. That guy has been holding the fort for too long.

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