In response to a request from one of our reader’s I will be testing out a new feature on the blog; the so-called Barts-MS rose-tinted-ometer.

The rose-tinted-ometer derives its name for having a rose-tinted view of the world. Someone with a rosetinted view of the world has an unduly idealistic, optimistic, sentimental, or wistful perspective on or about something.

In future, my blog posts will be rated from zero to 5-stars on the rose-tinted-ometer. The reader can then choose whether or not to read the post, based on whether or not they want good, bad or other news.

When I started thinking about rating my posts I was considering making an ostrich-ometer, i.e. a rating scale on how far you wanted to bury your head in the sand. However, I soon realised this is really a binary scale; you either have your head in the sand or you don’t 😉

14 thoughts on “Rose-tinted-ometer”

  1. Rose coloured tints may look great for Elton, we MS warriors are more Terminator dark shades 😎, the future will happen anyhow

  2. Thank you Prof G! I so appreciate your posts – and do tend to scan practically every one for ‘rose-dometry’ (amongst other things – difficulty-level of science etc) before deciding whether to read in detail…
    The only thing is, as a language enthusiast, I’m bothered by the rouge ‘d’. Surely it should be a ‘rose-ometer’ – if not a ‘rose-tometer’ (for ‘rose-tinted’)? (If not going the whole hog for ‘rose-spectacle-ometer’! 😉

  3. I must be Color Blind 😎
    Schadenfreude Aficionado.
    Connoisseur Noir.
    I read it all, Mouse 🐁 Doctor 👨‍⚕️
    With no tint save my dusky right optic nerve.
    Thank you for all you do 🐭

  4. Interesting! But how will you rate posts on smouldering MS? Some may regard these posts as “bad news”, but for me, they are “good news”, as they confront progressive MS head on.

  5. Prog G,
    Not sure this idea will add much. What we need is an assessment across the MS research field as to why we still don’t understand what this disease is and the mechanisms leading to worsening (nerve cell loss). We keep going round the same buoys year in year out. I’ve lost count over the last ten years (since the blog started) of the number of hypotheses put forward. Given the resources, technological advances etc. the progress in understanding this disease has been poor. I see that the MS Society is seeking to raise £100 million to find treatments for all MSers – treatments which should be at an advanced stage by 2025. But I’ve seen these initiatives before and the promises have not been delivered.
    Something is wrong with MS research whereby thousands of papers are published each year, yet no MSologist can set out on a piece of A4 what kicks of the disease and what drives it. As we enter the 2020s we need some fresh ideas, different skills sets etc. to unravel the disease. Otherwise, we will get to 2030 and the same old issues will still be debated without any real breakthroughs.
    Perhaps I am wrong and there are some black projects underway which we don’t know about or your Black Swan will emerge. I live in hope.

  6. If it was April fools I would think you are joking – are we really this sensitive?
    NB – The numbering is particularly comical- guards against the comment I would make about red desaturation…
    Stay kind – bless you 🙂

  7. How about a dull-meter?
    Because all you seem to do here is promoting your campaigns and pushing your same ideas, over and over and over again.
    Nothing scientific (except of course the good old B-cells from MD) or new to discuss.
    You just use us patients -your only true supporters, to pass your agenda down to the scientific community (how is this going, really?).
    You either respect your audience or the audience leaves you.

    1. Pushing the same ideas…….I guess it is abit like putting information into a drummer

      Nothing Scientific….maybe we can have the brown-dometer for the micro biome stuff .

  8. Through the eyes of big pharma the world is a bed of roses. I just think their roses are not pink but a more desirable green.

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