Management challenges in MS: immunology

Have you registered for our third global virtual conference on 13 February 2020?

The conference platform will open at 13:00 GMT, to allow delegates to explore the exhibit and poster halls. Those new to the area of MS may wish to join an educational session commencing at 13:30 GMT; the main scientific programme follows at 14:00 GMT.

I predict online conferences are the future. The environmental impact of large face-2-face conferences will not be justifiable within a decade.

If you can’t attend the live meeting the talks will be recorded and will remain online for you to watch in your own time. Please let your colleagues know about the meeting. Thanks.


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5 thoughts on “Management challenges in MS: immunology”

    1. Because one of the Pharma companies has a sponsored symposium under ABPI guidelines the meeting is meant for HCPs only. However, this is a grey area and I suspect many pwMS classify themselves as being HCPs and will register.

      I meet many pwMS at ECTRIMS each year, including some of my own patients, and they simply register themselves as HCPs, journalists, business analysts, allied healthcare professionals, MS Charity representatives, etc. Therefore, I would not be surprised if some pwMS will register for this meeting.

  1. Are slides or even recorded presentations going to be available anywhere after the conference? Would you need to register to access them?

    1. You will need to register. But we plan to put them on YouTube in the future, except the symposia presentations.

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