Dodging COVID-19 to fly to Copenhagen

I arrived late last night in Copenhagen to give a keynote lecture at their Danish MS Society’s annual conference. Copenhagen airport was eerily quiet; COVID-19 is clearly having a dramatic effect on flying.

I was asked to give an overview of emerging treatment targets and outcomes in MS. My focus is going to be smouldering MS. I had to cut the section on prevention from my talk; prevention always seems to be short-changed. Maybe not for much longer?

You can download the slides from my DIY-slideshare site.

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24 thoughts on “Dodging COVID-19 to fly to Copenhagen”

  1. Prof G,
    So Greta Thunberg and Coronavirus could not stop the Alan Whicker of the MS world from taking another weekly flight to another foreign land! I suppose with two daughters and two possible weddings to pay for you have to make hay while the sunshines. I’m going to alert the U.K. airport authorities of a medic (high risk), with a long Italian surname (even higher risk) who is a potential super spreader. You need to be grounded for a month and do something novel – like seeing patients, working in the lab, and training new medics ie the things you are paid to do.
    Please bring Mouse Doc some Lego back from Denmark. In your absence he’s been churning out endless papers on Alemtuzumab rather than doing something new.

    1. I was invited to talk by the Danish MS Society a charity so no perks; I am doing the same for the Indian MS Society and Pakistan Neurology Association later this year. They are giving me a platform to discuss our grassroots affordable DMT initiative.

      1. Alexander the Great “wept, for there were no more worlds to conquer”.

        I’ve booked you on an RAF flight to the Falklands in November to give a presentation at the hospital in Stanley. I suspect this will be the last one as your world scratch map has no more countries left to scratch off.

      2. The woman (or man) from High street, Chislehurst, I presume? God is watching over you 😉

      3. Maybe the Devil 🤘…I’m guessing Chislehurst is close to Sidducp/Bexley…Maybe Big Brother is Watching.

    2. One valid point (should physicians be travelling risking exposure to the virus), iced with passive aggression and vitriol. You madam, are a common troll. How about you consider doing something new? Perhaps thanking the Bart’s team for their efforts supporting the MS community is in order.
      I for one found the alemtuzumab papers interesting (at least I found the synopsis interesting, the most recent is locked behind a paywall…..Mouse Doctor….hint hint)….

  2. Prof G,

    Thanks for sharing your presentation.

    When are we likely to see combination treatments in the clinic? I would love to add a neuroprotectant or remyelination treatment to my anti-inflammatory treatment, but have no idea when these options will be available.

    Also, if the real MS is smouldering MS shouldn’t the priority be to deal with that ie if smouldering MS is addressed would will still need anti-relapse, neuroprotective and remyelination therapies?

    1. Yes, that is correct. If you tackle smouldering MS then the immune response to the cause of MS will abate. That is the working hypothesis.

      1. Forgive my cynicism but as HL Mencken wisely said,
        “For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong.”

      2. MD2… The hypothesis can’t be more wrong than the current inadequate state of affairs now can it. I find your snippy comment… The phrase that seems most fitting is the German “fehl am Platz”.

      3. My colleague who loves Complexity Theory would bore you to tears on why he agrees with your response. The conversation would have to be in English though. Not much need for German down under.

    2. Not any time soon (unless there is a change in attitude from the dinosaurs, which has nothing to do with age but every thing to do with vision), except by lack of intention….I saw a presentation of someone on cladribine who happened to be on carbamazepine for epilepsy, who did very well…Again the response from the presenter to the idea of neuroprotection was the sodium channel blocker approach didn’t work. How do we convince the community otherwise?

  3. Of course it’s having a dramatic impact on flying. Imagine if the WHO was credible and called it what it is. Be safe and don’t take a cruise.

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