NASA – Neurology Association of South Africa 2020

I am about to fly back from ZA (Zuid Afrika) as we have always referred to it in the past. I had a wonderful few days with my colleagues and old friends from University. Thank you for your kind, and as always incredible, hospitality. If the NASA meeting was to be held a week later it would have almost certainly have been cancelled. As South Africa goes into lockdown from the coronavirus epidemic I should count myself lucky to be getting onto a flight back to the UK tonight.

As promised you can download my presentations from my NASA 2020 DIT-SlideShare site.

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8 thoughts on “NASA – Neurology Association of South Africa 2020”

  1. The AAN meeting next month has been cancelled. The AAN website notes that:

    “We also want to recognize two other important considerations. As an organization of physicians and medical professionals, it is important to keep our members in their communities—where you stand by to help patients during this time of uncertainty. We also have a professional responsibility to model social distancing and not contribute to the spread of the virus through a large public gathering.”

    I wonder if this trip to SA was really necessary. You may end up self-isolating which means that patients won’t be seen. By heading to SA from Europe which WHO has called the epicentre of the epidemic, you may have inadvertently passed the virus on. Do you do risk assessments? Were the extra air miles, meeting up with old chums and presentations of slides I’ve seen years ago really worth the potential risks crystallising? I do question you judgment over the last few weeks.

    1. Yep, we did ask the organisers of the meeting should we attend or not? They replied yes.

      Of the 6 UK speakers, only one of decided not to attend in person and sent a recorded presentation. Apparently his local NHS Trust had cancelled all study leave to make sure they had the necessary resources to deal with the crisis locally. Can I assume your comment about poor judgement refers to all six of us and the other International speakers 😉

      The main reason for travelling to South Africa was to visit my mother who turned 81 on Sunday; I agreed to attend the NASA congress because I could kill two birds with one stone 😉

  2. profB, ProfK, MD & MD2

    To the Chamelon from Siddcup, or what ever you want to call yourself today, you know who you are

    You have way, way over stepped the mark. What you think of as funny, is not. That you would begrudge someone the opportunity to see their Mother on their Birthday…Shame on you! Who knows it could be for the last time in the situation we are in.

    You have outworn your “commenting welcome” and we would appreciate it, if you keep your thoughts to yourself.

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