#MSCOVID19 Webinars

Calling all HCPs who want to learn about managing MS during the COVID-19 epidemic. Please register for the following webinars via the MS Academy website. We plan to run a series of these over the coming weeks and months. The next one is on managing highly active and rapidly evolving severe MS in the current environment.

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3 thoughts on “#MSCOVID19 Webinars”

  1. hi, dear Gavin
    what is your opinion about redose rituximab or ocrelizumab if CD19 comes up for example more than 2% in this COVID19 situation.
    Best regards

    1. I think anti-CD20 therapy is relatively safe in the pandemic. If people with MS need to be treated they should be treated.

  2. Unable to comment on your post today. Trying to relay my triage ideas 🤦‍♀️

    I would make 2 or more ICU Beds on another unit.
    I would put
    Patient #1 on Bipap and heavy drugs, probably a morphine drip to calm her breathing down.
    Patient #2 sounds the worst clinically. He’d go in the main ICU. Not because he has MS, but because he sounds the worst.
    Patient #3 goes on home vent if you’re out of hospital vents. Admit to floor mini ICU.
    prepare for next 3 you haven’t identified. By now I hope you sent floor patients who aren’t critical home or to nursing homes and canceling all elective procedures, surgeries.
    How did I do?
    It’s not a new concept “Triage”
    20 years ago,
    I was in charge one night when I was running 3 codes on our 17 bed ICU.
    Balloon pump patient in the ER.

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