#MSCOVID19: remembrance Sunday

Professor Charlie Knowles, a close colleague and friend, has just penned this ballad to the NHS in remembrance for all the NHS staff who have died fighting coronavirus on the frontline.

He is using the anthem to fundraise for the families of NHS workers who have lost their lives in the call of duty. So if you feel like giving please do (JustGiving).

7 thoughts on “#MSCOVID19: remembrance Sunday”

    1. Thanks, much appreciated. Charlie Knowles is a very special, interesting and talented person.

  1. It is desperately sad and utterly shameful that NHS workers are losing their lives because they are not being given the correct protection. This song is brilliant, I hope it goes viral and makes lots of money to help these poor souls’ families.

    I am often seeing local HCP’s on social media asking the public for help in sourcing much needed items to help keep them safe and comfortable, Some can be made at home such as laundry bags so that uniforms don’t need unpacking before placing in the washing machine at home (I got 14 bags out of 1 duvet cover – the fabric needs to withstand 60c wash so bedding is ideal), and buttoned ear savers to protect from elastic causing sores. And scrubs. Anyone who can sew and wants to help can easily find tutorials online. It’s not just hospitals needing these things its also clinics, care homes and hospices, demand is high. There are area Facebook groups you can join coordinating distribution.

    1. Thank you; your efforts are much appreciated. A friend of my daughter is making me a set of ‘designer scrubs’; he is studying at Central St Martins so likely to be outrageous.

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