#MSCOVID19 – Managing MS during the COVID-19 pandemic

triMSx-online is hosting a webinar next Thursday, 30th April on the topic of managing MS during the COVID-19 pandemic. Things are moving so fast in terms of what is happening that we need some formal teaching course to keep everyone abreast with how to manage MS in these troubling times.

Our MS services have been transformed by the pandemic and the way we use DMTs has also changed. Advice on how to use DMTs seems to change on a weekly basis as new data emerges on the biology of SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 and how patients with MS who get COVID-19 are doing. The programme (see below) has been designed to upskill you rapidly with developments across the globe and how these can potentially impact on your MS service. There will also be time to ask questions and discuss specific issues. Even if you can’t make the live event the presentations will be put online for later viewing and we will have a post-event Q&A session asynchronously.

Please register online.

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One thought on “#MSCOVID19 – Managing MS during the COVID-19 pandemic”

  1. As someone with slow PPMS who has no comorbidities and who takes absolutely no medications, I am prepared for being pushed further off the radar of any Neurologist or MS Nurse. Self-management is nothing new to me, nor is avoiding viral infections. But I will admit to feeling a little bewildered and unsure.

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