East Africa and MS

COVID-19 impact has extended to East Africa. Instead of a face-to-face meeting, the East African Neurologists have moved their CPD (continuing professional development) online in the form or regular webinars. In the past, I would probably have had to travel to East Africa to give a guest lecture at their annual meeting. Post-COVID-19 I can now do this online, which is a much cheaper and greener option for the environment and much more time-efficient for all concerned.

The other advantage of webinars is that the CPD event doesn’t have to be geographically limited in that people can register and log-in from all over the world. This is taking the democratisation of knowledge and learning to the next level and is one of the reasons that motivated me to start triMS.online.

So if you are not from East Africa and you want to attend the webinar below please do not hesitate to register online and log-in tomorrow. Places are limited.

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