#MSCOVID19: round-2 a series of webinars

I would like to say thank you, thank you and thank you for your kind donations towards the Barts-MS coronavirus antibody study. With gift aid, we have now passed the £10,000 milestone and will be able to start the first phase of the study. This is great news.

To raise the additional money I won’t be running a double-marathon, but we have taken up your suggestion of hosting a series of webinars. We have not are not going to charge anyone as such for attending these webinars; instead, we will simply ask you to consider making a donation in kind towards our study.

“What is the real MS and why is it important to know the answer?” will be the first webinar, in a series of webinars, to raise funds for the Barts-MS Coronavirus Antibody Study.

This webinar will be delivered by Professor Gavin Giovannoni on Thursday 12th November 2020 from 17h30-18h30. The number of places is limited and will be allocated on a first-come basis. As a registrant, you are being asked to make a donation to support the Barts-MS COVID-19 Coronavirus MS Antibody study via our JustGiving page. The following is a short interview with main investigators explaining why this study is so important to people with MS.

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7 thoughts on “#MSCOVID19: round-2 a series of webinars”

  1. i have attended Professor’s lecture when he spoke at M.S. Conference inIreland on two occasions very informative

  2. Team,

    I signed up to this and the booking appeared to be confirmed but when i went to make the donation, the link broke (that old story!). I can obviously make a donation through the gofund page and i promise that i will (i had done anyway but happy to contribute further to view the webinar). However, i hadnt been sent any details (booking confirmation or otherwise) to my email so was wondering whether the two things had to be carried out concurrently in order to qualify i.e. book then make donation via link? i can start again but dont want to occupy 2 places uneccesarily!


    1. Same here, but I made a donation straight away, so not sure whether I should have received confirmation/link for tomorrow’s webinar

  3. Good evening, I have both registered for the webinar and made a donation, but got no link to the webinar, what is the best thing to do in this case? Really looking forward to it!

    Many thanks!

    1. Hi Nat

      Bad news I’m afraid.
      On Saturday Professor Giovannoni was involved in an accident and sustained a minor head injury, fractured cervical spine, fractured pelvis and several soft tissue contusions. He was struck by a motorcycle travelling at high-speed whilst he was out running. As a result, he will be off work for several weeks and is likely to return to work in January 2021 or later after a period of rehabilitation.

      All his current work commitments will either be done by his colleagues, cancelled or postponed including this week’s webinar.

      Very sorry about this.

      1. I am so sorry to hear about this, apologies, I did not know!

        All the best wishes to professor Giovannoni and his family! Terrifying news, I wish him the soonest recovery

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