7 thoughts on “MSIF updates its international COVID-19 advice”

  1. Men with MS susceptible to more severe covid! That’s news to me. Is it evidence based?

    We are all getting ready of AzOx over here as non-front line NHS staff have exhausted the Pfeizer supply. Some information on AzOx will be welcomed.

    1. Men without MS susceptible to more severe |COVID than women…One of the first observations.
      Info on AzOx……what do you want to know we have put medcram videos and the product information sheets on the blog already.

      1. I am expecting a call next month offering me AzOx.

        I am still unsure whether I should hold back from having it until more mRNA supplies are here and offered to us MSers, or take the unknown-unknown AzOx risk in light of the higher risk of waiting unvaccinated.

      2. Tony, I would go for the vaccine you are offered. It is about preventing serious infections and protecting the NHS. We still don’t know if any of these vaccines are sterilizing and hence prevent infection, shedding and transmission.

      3. Expecting a call arnet we all..

        The next batch of Pfizer will be taken but people getting the first batch

  2. I note a risk factor is obesity, for which they don’t specify a particular BMI. Whereas in the uk I believe that all the government guidance is that the risk factor is only classed as severe in terms of obesity if you are extremely obese, I.e BMI 40+. Obviously, I recognise it’s better if you are within normal BMI limits but just curious.

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