#TeachMS: new treatment strategies

If you are free this Thursday you may want to listen to Mark Freedman and me discussing different treatment strategies in relation to managing MS in the current environment. All of our discussions will be case-based. Please register as there are limited places available.

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9 thoughts on “#TeachMS: new treatment strategies”

  1. Good day!
    Im not sure the link for registration is pointing in the right direction for the Gavin/Freedman info meeting on October 28th.

  2. Links says only for Canadian Medical professionals, thus not gonna work for the majority of us. Uggh, damm Canada. Canada says no education and to vent its also a no if medical care is needed in CA, thus no care for you American. We should say this the next time a Canadian is in need/suffering/dying, The problem I see: Different healthcare systems, Pay to treat system vs universal health care system where you suffer while waiting for your number to be called. Do you know where Canadians and others go for proper care or help in a timely manner, typically the USA, funny but not funny, Canadians will pay cash vs suffering.

      1. Most pwMS are still young, so our parents are young too.

        They didn’t study to be an hcp, but on the road of our worsening ms they became pretty professional in caring!

        Same for our spouses! If they are still around!!!

  3. Hi Prof G,
    I had hoped to attend this event, but was unable to. I tried to find information about it afterwards and stumbled upon a comment you had made (within a post, I think) in which you stated that if you had MS yourself then you would take a particular treatment. Unfortunately I can no longer find your comment. Please could you confirm what that treatment is?

    I am currently reviewing my options, so thought I’d look further into the treatment you mentioned in case it is suitable for me. I would of course discuss it fully with my Neurologist though.

    Thank you!

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