Liberation therapy – CCSVI

I am a sceptic but remain open to the possibility, albeit remote, that CCSVI may be a real finding. I would definitely not recommend any surgical or radiological intervention at this stage. More research is needed to confirm of refute Zamboni’s findings before any prospective randomised trials are started. You may not be aware but I have been informed that two people with MS have died from the complications of stenting for possible CCSVI.

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  1. Citing two deaths from surgery with knowing the cases hardly fefines the relative risk.Even with additional research, surgical risks will always remain.

  2. It’s a hard world living with MS – possibly dangerous treatments versus steady decline. There have been deaths connected to MS drug treatments but thankfully it hasn’t stopped their development, or their use. For what it's worth, I agree with your urge for caution regarding treatment. At the same time, from my point of view as a RRMS patient, I think that there is little to lose by first investigating these veins in MS patients to see if they have a structure that is in line with Dr Zamboni’s findings. First hand reports on MS forums, YouTube and Facebook just keep pointing to this being a reality.CCSVI investigation has the potential to be of significant benefit to people with MS. The Canadian and US MS Societies are actively contributing to the research. It's so frustrating that the UK reaction is so passive.

  3. I must say I totally agree with the comments left by the anonymous user. I too have RRMS and of course any deaths associated with the treatment of CCSVI are extremely regretable, I do not believe they are reason to stop investigations into this as a possible cause of MS.

  4. Your information is incorrect. There were not 2 deaths. Go to the CCSVI page on to find out the details. The increase in adverse events comes with using stents. Dr. Zamboni, who discovered CCSVI, only used balloon angioplasty, no stents. Side effects with the former were some headaches and a little lain in the groin from surgical entry. That's it. Fo IOUr research.

  5. We were informed at the Research Study day at The Royal London Hospital today that only one study has been done so far that has been positive for this treatment and that a new study that has been started has shown no benefit whatsover. I would want MUCH more good quality peer reviewed pre clinical and clinical research to have been done before I would risk taking part in any invasive treatment….particulary abroad – Where issues of infection control, sterilisation of equipment, emergency resuscitation, and medical care if anything goes wrong may not be so good as here in the UK.

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  7. Dr Dr Mohammed Rehan Sayeed Consultant Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgeon and Dr. Gopi Consultant Interventional cardiologist who started doing the Liberation therapy procedure with the Apollo Hospitals Bangalore are now with Fortis Hospitals ,Bangalore since May 2010. they have done over 35 procedures at this facility with excellent results and have a success rates are amongst the best of in the world. their preop work up includes doppler studies and MR venograms as deemed appropriate, the post op dopplers are also a integral part of the study. All patients are followed up ith E Mail and are requested o send their follow u doppler studies for review ad comparison. In complex cases the team stays in touch with Dr. Simka and his team to learn and give the best to the patient. They have done a large series of angioplsties and have a very low complication rate. "

  8. this is not interesting at all.if you are going to say TWO people died because of the use of stents: you need to put some verifiable references. in the same way saying a 'large' series of angioplasties and 'very low' complication rate is blunt, means nothing. with excellent results??? give us facts, define excellent.that's why we need proper peer reviewed research on this topic so we do not enter the pseudo-science world.

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