LDN or low dose Naltrexone

“I had a query whether or not I prescribe LDN. The simple answer is no, I don’t. The evidence that it works in MS is not robust enough and it is not licensed for use in MS. Despite my position I will grant the proponents of its use that there is a scientific rationale why it may work in MS. LDN stimulates a part of the brain called the hypothalamus to secrete a hormone called ACTH. This hormone travels to the adrenal glands and stimulates the gland to produce natural steroids. In addition to this action LDN partially blocks receptors in the brain for the bodies own opiods (endorphins and enkephalins) this in turn may stimulate increased production of these compounds that may have positive symptomatic effects. In addition to benefits, or potential benefits as in the case of LDN, all drugs have risks; thankfully in the case of LDN the risks appear to be minimal, which makes it a relatively safe drug.”

There is only one trial of LDN in MS registered in clinicaltrials.gov and its status is completed: please see my earlier posting regarding this trial.

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  1. You have said that 'big pharma' are not interested in doing research into potential benefits of LDN to PwMS, but have you any idea why other researchers don't seem to be interested in carrying out research in this area?

  2. Big Pharma need product protection via patents, so called intellectual property, or an orphan indication to develop a drug. Academic investigators are not getting involved because there is no money to do the work or the scientific case is not compelling. I was involved in a bid to the MS Society a few years ago to fund a LDN trial, but the grant was rejected. The PI on this project was Dr David Barnes at St Georges.

  3. I have been diagnosed with MS recently. I have read the various positive reports on LDN with interest and wonder whether the higher dose I am about to take (for addiction purposes) will also help my MS or not? However, the overriding feeling I have regarding the situation with LDN is one of despair and sadness. Why? Because it shows profit will always come way before anything else with the 'Big Pharma' model.

  4. EIGHT years ago this was posted Sir….are you of the same opinion in 2019 towards Naltrexone?

      1. me? how do I do that?
        broken brain at the moment so having a bit trouble with stuff

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