2 thoughts on “Barts and the London 2nd MS Research Day”

  1. Oh, I followed the link, sponsored you for the marathon and then I realised that it's been and gone! Not to worry.. Hope you're experiencing a speedy recovery though..

  2. Thanks for posting the vidoes.I like Dr Giles – seems like a caring neuro (unlike many of them – from first hand experience).I like the sibling study – just hope it can come up with some answers.Bit dissappointd that no real coverage of treatments for progressive MS. The message for progressive patients is "sorry, to far gone, nothing we can do". I understand repair is a challenge, but I saw a presentation a couple of years ago with Neil Scolding and he seemed pretty positive that here might be therapies in the future.Look forward to next year's conference – hoping we might hear about some real breakthroughs.

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