Surprising results from our CCSVI online survey

The following are the results of our survey on CCSVI that has just closed. Surprisingly only 10% of respondents thought that CCSVI is the cause of MS. Almost a quarter of people think it is an established disease. In medicine we define a disease when we can correlate the clinical presentation and course with a specific pathology; the so called clinico-pathological correlate. At the moment we don’t have enough information to make this call in relation to CCSVI; CCSVI is therefore is a non-disease at present. The latter situation may change with the emergence of new data.

One thought on “Surprising results from our CCSVI online survey”

  1. The most serious advocacy is led by Dr. Ashton Embry (Dr as in Phd and not MD…).In fairness, he builds quite a solid case pro-CCSVI. – and other contrarians – have a solid base of loyal followers (mostly people under served by the mainstream medical community).I guess that this schism may explain the irrationality of your survey's findings.Thanks again for your *online* knowledge sharing efforts.Antoine B.

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