2 thoughts on “Smoking and MS – ‘minimaria’”

  1. Whist watching this video, I was struck by the overriding use of the term “we just don’t know” in relation to causes of MS.Risk factors can be all the things Ms. Espasandin highlighted, yet, it can also be none of the things she highlighted. As she says: “We just don’t know”.As an extremely clean living person, the smoking element cannot be pertained to me, yet I still have MS. Genetically, no one in my family has a history of MS, therefore that factor falls by the wayside as well. I was an outdoorsy kid who was forced to take vitamin supplements in my formative years; therefore the VitD factor is also questionable. The EBV element; well, that’s a factor I can’t really comment on and therefore probably the one aspect that holds ground in my opinion. But then again, isn’t EBV present in 90% of the world population? If I have EBV and a genetic predisposition to MS then my siblings should have the same disease yet they do not.Ataxia is a genetically inherited disease that seems remarkably similar to MS. Is the only difference that they can’t prove there’s a genetic link to MS the way they can with Ataxia?

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