Treating severe tremor with deep brain stimulation

Surgical options for treating severe tremor in MS are limited. 

The most common surgical procedures are placing a targeted lesion in an area in the brain called the thalamus or placing an electrical stimulator in the same area; this is called deep brain stimulation
This study assessed the effectiveness and safety of deep brain stimulation in controlling disabling arm tremor in MS’ers. 
The evaluation included measurement of tremor, dexterity, disability, cognition and Quality of Life.
The study confirmed the value and safety of this treatment in MS’ers with disabling tremor. 
The following NMSS video explains the types of tremors MS’ers may get. The one that is the most disabling is called a cerebellar outflow tremor (aka rubral tremor); this is a course flapping tremor that when severe prevents the person using that limb for any meaningful function. 
“Although deep brain stimulation is an invasive and expensive treatment option the results can be transformational making an enormous difference to someone’s life.”
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  1. Would you recommend surgical treatment to a MS patient with both tremors exactly as in the video?

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