Training the next generation of UK’s MSologists

Tony Blair is famously quoted as saying ‘Education, education, education, …’ and putting education at the centre of New Labour’s manifesto in 1997. However, is it the type or the quality of education that makes the difference and changes the world?

We are trying to change the world of MS treatment.

I have learned that information in itself may pique attention, but it rarely changes behaviour.

I have been very impressed by the feedback we have had from our initial two MS Academies. Healthcare delegates participate in a 3-day course. They then go to a research or service development project or even an audit in relation to MS. The act of going away and doing something active makes delegates think about their MS practice and consider the service(s) they provide for their patients with MS. In other words, the doing induces a change in behaviour and complements the educational element of the course in changing behaviour.

Doing makes a difference!

If you are interested in joining the MS Academy and attending an MS Masterclass please register your interest via the MS Academy website. Please note these courses are open to non-UK clinicians and having HCPs from other countries helps NHS employees. After all aren’t we still European, or even better citizens of the world?

CoI: At present, the Neurology Academy is supported by an unrestricted educational grant from Biogen. Biogen has no input into the design and running of the Academy that is based on the very influential Parkinson’s Disease Academy, which has been running for more than a decade. We are also looking for additional sponsors.  

3 thoughts on “Training the next generation of UK’s MSologists”

  1. I wonder if you share my experience with training within education, i.e. that those most in need of better ideas and practice are the least likely to put themselves forward….

    1. Yes and no. The great thing about our latest course is that we had a large number of experienced general neurologists on the course. It is always good news when we get generalists interested in MS. I really think that we are changing things.

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